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At Learners & Winners, we mentor students with an attitude of reasoning. When it comes to mentoring, we rely on delivering quality. We present ourselves as a knowledge centre for Science, Mathematics, English, and Economics. Learners & Winners is an institute committed to excellence in fundamentals and concepts. We aim at easing the burden of academics for the students.

We mentor and groom our students for –
  • Secondary Education

    • VII to X standard students from ENGLISH MEDIUM of any prevailing boards for Mathematics, Science, English, and Economics.

  • Higher Secondary Education

    • XI and XII standard students with Science major from ENGLISH MEDIUM of any prevailing boards for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, and Economics.

  • Competitive Exams

    • Engineering and Medical competitive entrance exams, Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY, etc.

  • Graduate and Post-Graduate courses in Engineering, Energy Management and Human Resource (HR).

  • Study Abroad

    • Sessions on GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS

    • Comprehensive counselling to students aspiring to study abroad

    • Assistance with Documentation – SOPs, Essays, etc.

    • Guidance towards applying for scholarships, bank loans, and visas

12 reasons for joining us that ensures learning is an enjoyable experience
  1. The mode of instruction for all our sessions in the English language assists students in developing their vocabulary.

  2. Our smaller batch size enables focussed attention and competitive environment for students.

  3. On a regular basis, we collaborate with students for syllabus tracking to ensure that student does not lag with topics covered in school, college or university.

  4. Regular assignments are allotted to students.

  5. Our sessions are exhaustive that covers every topic from student’s syllabi.

  6. We monitor student’s progress through regular tests.

  7. We support our students with regular doubt remedial and revision sessions.

  8. We endeavour in delivering adequate healthy and competitive ambience among students.

  9. We always aim at developing scientific temperament as well as logical and analytical thinking with ample interaction with teachers and among students.

  10. We do our best and make sure that learning is based on student pull rather than teacher push.

  11. Our holiday sessions, like those during summers, help students keep busy during school off’s as well.

  12. The faculty is carefully chosen to ensure that every faculty member has in-depth knowledge of his subject and has desired experience and teaching skills. They teach only in their discipline and this specialization in teaching yields results for the student.

  1. Our fully air-conditioned, spacious and hygienic classroom, with backup power supply, is designed to provide a comfortable learning environment for the students, at all times.

  2. Our tutorial centre is within walking distance from the nearest bus and railway stations.

Our Special Features
  • Smaller batch sizes, teacher to student ratio is 1:9;

  • Personalised attention;

  • Bio-metric attendance system;

  • 100% tailor-made to your requirements;

  • Sessions are conducted at mutually convenient timings.

Our Admission Process
  • The admission criterion is based upon the first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Students must be accompanied by their parents during admission.

  • Complete payment must be done well in advance before the commencement of student’s session by cash.

  • The only required documentation is 1 Passport size photograph of the student not older than 1 year.

It troubles a lot to meet up parents and other visitors in between tutorial sessions. Kindly take prior appointments to meet any concerned staff, if you would like to.

Demo sessions can only be arranged as per management’s discretion.

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