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The Story of Environment

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The story began long long ago in history. About 5 Billion years back.

The Creator had created the Universe with a Big Bang, and 10 Billion years had elapsed. The Creator thought of creating “Life, as we know it” in this Universe.

He selected a medium-sized galaxy now known as The Milky way which did not have a supermassive Black Hole at its centre. He selected a small spiral arm of the galaxy called The Orion-Cygnus arm and in it, he ignited a medium-sized metal-rich yellow star called The Sun, at a distance fairly away from the centre of the Galaxy. That was 5 Billion years ago.

At the outset, there was a huge primordial ring around the Sun and planets began to form by accretion. Outside the Frost line, first to form was Jupiter. That was the first outer planet. Nearer to the sun, inside the frost line, the terrestrial planets started forming.

The Creator selected Venus, Earth and Mars for making them habitable for “Life, as we know it”. The Creator arranged for planetary collisions and tried to give proper orbital positions and tilts to the vertical axes of the planets. Jolt given to Venus was too hard and it started rotating in opposite direction. The debris of the planetary collisions accreted to form moons for the respective planets in due course of time. Then the Creator arranged for water to the three planets which were brought in by the icy bodies from the Kuiper belt, to fill their respective oceans. Mars could not retain its water as it did not have an iron core and magnetic field and as a result, the solar winds stripped the water away. About a hundred million years later Venus also lost its water due to intense heat.

The Creator’s most favourite planet was the third planet from the Sun, The Earth which he placed in the “Goldilocks zone”. Through planetary collision, the Earth got a tilt of 23 degrees to the axis, due to which four beautiful seasons were created. The Creator continued further on shaping up the Earth as a suitable habitat for the “Life, as we know it” which He wanted to create.

He gave a solid iron core to the Earth so that a cage of a magnetic field was formed around the rotating and orbiting Earth, to protect it from the solar winds. He made the gaseous atmosphere around the earth to filter out penetration of x rays and cosmic rays harmful to the Life forms and to destroy small asteroids before they could hit the Earth surface.

Above all, He created a perfect balance of polar ice caps, vegetation and barren lands to make a tolerable average Albedo of 33% (sun rays reflective index) and save the earth from undue warming. If Albedo is lower, it means more heat is absorbed. The Creator created a supplementary complementary system of vegetation and microbes to maintain ecological balance and Oxygen content in the atmosphere.

The creator created “Life as we know it” in a primitive form on all the three terrestrial planes but it survived only on Earth due to special attention by the Creator and soon it fell into the evolution chain. As the evolution progressed, Aquatic creatures, Birds, Mammals came into being on Earth. The Creator programmed the behavioural pattern of most of the animals to maintain the ecological balance.

However, he allowed his most prized evolutionary creation, the Human, to fashion his behaviour. The Creator perhaps thought that evolutionary progress of intelligent human will help to set up an ecologically and environmentally supportive pattern of Human behaviour.

The question is, Was that a mistake made by the Creator? Were some checks and balances missed out? Probably, yes.

When the Human species lived close to nature, they had clear awareness to maintain an ecological balance, preserving vegetation, natural water resources etc as seen from the ancient Indian scriptures as well as the modern days’ writing by the American Indian Chief Seattle in his open letter.

Human race raced ahead technologically but they forgot that the environment on the planet Earth could not be taken for granted. Letting out into air industrial wastes such as Hexa fluoro ethane, carbon dioxide in large quantities and letting them destroy the atmosphere, wonton deforestation, polluting rivers by harmful industrial effluents, destroying the species that keep the ecological balance, are some of the activities which are going on unchecked as part of the industrial revolution.

Earth is warming up, its Albedo is reducing, seasons are changing, habitability for “Life as we know it” is reducing. We are killing ourselves, not the Earth.

Gross misuse of liberties given by the Creator would destroy the environment that is needed by the entire species of “Life as we know it”. Instead of the forces of the Universe making the planet Earth a barren land like Venus and Mars, the Humans will bring it about, evaporating the water and killing the life forms. Most of Life would get annihilated in an adverse environment.

The Creator does not make mistakes. The resilience of the systems set up by the Creators is so strong that life would no doubt spring back on Earth in a few million years, but it may be a different breed of species.

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