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About the Book:
This book is about developing and deploying a winning strategy for personal achievement. Action Plan for creating a personal Winning Strategy for those who want to succeed and to stay ahead of others in this era of rat race. For others, this book may prove to be an energy tonic to rejuvenate their winning spirit and a tranquillizer for happy dwelling.


In this book, a few hard management principles and self-improvement techniques have been propagated in soft manners. After every chapter, exercises are given to answer. As a result, it would not only help the readers to understand the concept in a better way but also it would help them to take a deep dive into the subject as experiential learning and prepare themselves for the victory.


Author: Indranil Ghosh


Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai

Yes, I got the podium! (Designing the life - Action Plan for Creating a Personal

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