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Managing the Invisible Monster – Recognising and Managing the Invisible Monster called ELECTRICITY

“Managing the Invisible Monster” is a book which talks about something which cannot be seen but can serve both slave as well as master.  The protagonist, a fresh engineer from college, joins a power plant to launch his career. He soon discovers that there exists a wide mismatch between knowledge learnt through a degree and the skills expected in the industry.

A semi-literate technician helps him to learn technical things in very simplified ways; mostly through stories and analogies. He shortly learns to easily manage this invisible monster called electricity. He also realises that even learning technical matters is very easy if the method of learning is story telling. And this makes the backdrop of the book.

The author, Indranil Ghosh, is always an advocator of easy learning and he has tried his best to make a perfect blend of a hardcore technical knowledge and imagination to present it as an educational hand book. Hazards of electricity and the ways to mitigate them has been discussed in so simplified manner that even the persons who do not know anything about electricity will be able to understand it.


Author: Indranil Ghosh

Binding: Paperback

Number of Pages: 184 pages

Publisher: Society of Power & Energy Professionals (SOPEP)

Publication Date: 14 September 2018

Language: English

ISBN (Paperbook): 978-81-937034-4-1

ISBN (Ebook): 978-81-937034-5-8

Management of Transmission & Distribution: An Introduction to Management of Transmission and Distribution Businesses in the Regulatory Environment

In the past, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity were considered as Government functions. However, the Electricity Reforms in India have not only brought these into the purview of private enterprise but also introduced element of competition in the entire power sector. It is absolutely essential therefore, that Transmission and Distribution of Electricity need to be managed with focus on Reliability, Availability and Economy of cost. In this book the author has brought out salient techno- commercial features and basics of management of Transmission and Distribution functions, for the benefit of persons engaged in power sector, large industries and large commercial enterprises.

Author: Sudhir Karkhanis
Binding: Paperback
Number of Pages: 100 pages
Publisher: Society of Power & Energy Professionals (SOPEP)
Publication Date: 7 December 2018
Language: English
ISBN (Paperback): 978-81-937034-2-7

ISBN (Ebook): 978-81-937034-3-4

Other Books For Sale

10 Feel Good Factors

Much of our life is about the ‘feel-good’ factor. In fact, most of our life is spent in chasing ‘feel good’ factor – sometimes we get it, and sometimes we don’t. If we analyze, the other name of success is ‘feel-good factor’. When we have our way, our say – in short, when we are successful – we feel good. And when we meet with failure, we feel bad. The author here first lists 10 main ‘feel-good’ factors, and then goes about guiding on how to achieve them. However, he forewarns against pitfalls in such pursuit, but shows how to continue to have the ‘feel-good’ factor even in times of struggle. He lays importance on the need to remain cheerful and think good even when nothing seems to go right.

Author: Indranil Ghosh
Number of Pages: 149
ISBN10: 81-223-0953-4
ISBN: 978-81-223-0953-9
Published Year: 2006
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English

Empower yourself with the power hidden within you

Success has many definitions. The most prevalent definition is freedom from slavery of worries. Power gives such freedom. In jungle, the most powerful animal rules and only has the right to survive with pride. Human civilization is now several thousand years old, yet the animal instinct, the hunger for power, has not diminished. In fact, all movable things in the universe move when they get power. As for example, a vehicle runs when its engine applies power.

There are various forms of powers. Interestingly, most of these powers are interrelated, have smaller forms as well as subdivisions of larger power. Often combinations of different varieties of powers generate a single but significant power.

All of us own a powerhouse, which is capable of generating such composite powers. Unfortunately, for grabbing them, there is no competition, yet we are enthusiastic to capture them. Anyone can become powerful by picking up any such readily available power and remain ahead of others. Only perquisite is willingness and to prepare the self accordingly. The book identifies various forms of power and illustrates their characteristics to explain how easy it is to acquire them.

Author: Indranil Ghosh
Number of Pages: 221
ISBN: 978-81-7812-823-8
Published Year: 2011
Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House
Language: English

Nuggets of Nostalgia

A budding film director and a wannabe film producer are in need of a movie script that can upsurge the box-office. The would-be director approaches a novice but promising writer who writes a romantic story for the film. The story portrays childhood love and lost friendship. It is a touching story of a group of four childhood friends and girlfriends who are separated due to various reasons. Years later the protagonist attempts to track down his attempts to track down his companions and this forms the background of the story. The protagonist who is a renowned doctor easily forgets his early love for the sake of his career. But finally he understands that the real meaning of success lies in contentment.

Author: Indranil Ghosh
Number of Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-93-815882-9-1
Published Year: 2012
Publisher: V & S Publisher
Language: English

आनंदी जगण्याचे १० फ्ंडे (Anandi Jaganyache 10 Funde)

Marathi translation of '10 Feel Good Factors'.

Author: Indranil Ghosh
Translated by: Munjusha Aarvikar
Number of Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-93-80264-78-3
Published Year: 2011
Publisher: Manovikas Prakashan
Language: Marathi

सामर्थ्य आत्मशक्तीचे आणि आत्मविश्वासाचे (Samarthya Atmashaktiche Ani Atmavishwasache)

Marathi translation of 'Empower yourself with the power hidden within you'.

Author: Indranil Ghosh
Translated by: Anil Kinikar
Number of Pages: 148
ISBN: 978-93-82468-63-9
Published Year: 2013
Publisher: Manovikas Prakashan
Language: Marathi

તમારા અંદરના Power ને ઓળખો (Tamara Andarna Power ne Olkho)

Gujarati translation of 'Empower yourself with the power hidden within you'.

Author: Indranil Ghosh
Translated by: Mira Trivedi
Number of Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-93-5122-201-9
Published Year: 2014
Publisher: R. R. Sheth & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Gujarati