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Learners & Winners render Assessment & Audit Services to organizations of all nature and size across India and abroad, necessary for businesses to understand early warnings, open communication and pragmatic resolution for probable threats in achieving sustainable growth.

Learners & Winners works hand-in-hand with desirably experienced and skilled Management professionals and consultants, providing quality consultancy services to organizations of all nature and size across India and abroad.

Our Assessment & Audit Services include –
  • Safety Assessment, and Audit

    • Electrical. Fire & Life Safety

    • Process Safety

    • Road Safety

    • Structural Safety

    • External and Third Party Safety Assessment/Audit

    • Qualitative Risk Assessment - FTA, ETA, FMEA

    • Quantitative Risk Assessment - HAZOP Study, LOPA, WHATIF Analysis, Accident Investigation & Analysis, Plant Safety Investigation, SWMS, HIRA, JSA, etc.

  • Business Excellence Assessment

  • Management System Audit

    • ISO 9001, 14001, 21001, 22001, 25001, 27001, 45001, 50001, etc.

  • Business Sustainability Assessment​

  • HE Excellence Assessment

Our Features –
  • User-Friendly & Productive documentation

  • Timely completion of Assignments

  • Clear & concise understanding of the subject

  • Impeccable Value addition

  • Cost-Effective Services

  • Drive passion & commitment to the Organization for Compliance & Results

  • Seasoned handling of problems

  • Tailored system solutions to suit client needs & expectations

  • The wisdom of several years of experience of Subject Experts

  • Get an enhanced competitive edge in the quality standard implementation process.

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