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Being with the WINNERS makes YOU a WINNER

Learners & Winners believe in inculcating winning attitude among its clients. We aim at a strategic and targeted approach for key issues that the industry is facing as of the current date. We have always thrived in delivering a high standard of quality & value for money to our clients.

Our focus is to create academic and professional excellence by helping people for their growth and development. Learners & Winners has been thriving to train individuals, professionals and organisations towards excellence. We believe enhancing ideas and concepts into trends.

The company has six divisions, Training, Assessment & Consultancy, Business Sustainability Assessment, Tutorial Classes, Conference & Seminar and Book Publishing, all of whom ensure that the knowledge seeps through the different layers of the hierarchy and reaches to the grass-root level.

Learners & Winners is passionate and dedicated to ascending the competency of the individuals, and organizations that help to build a channel of integration, giving an accurate platform to our clients that further assist them to work in absolute tandem.


Creating Winners


To be a global leader in Providing Winning Solutions

Core Values

  • Ethical

  • Quality Services

  • Bridging the knowledge gap


Society og Power & Energy Professionals (SOPEP)

Quality Policy

Quality Policy & ISO Certificate

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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ISO 9001 2015 Certification.jpg
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