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Be yourself and the world will adjust

Here is an iota piece of wisdom from me. Tell me how is it?

Indra Nooyi overcame tremendous odds to become the head of PEPSICO. When she came to the United States for her studies, she had no safety net. While at Yale, she had virtually no money of her own. Had she failed, it would have been back on the next flight home.

She eventually got a job as a receptionist at a Connecticut company, working the midnight to 5 a.m. shift and struggling to put together $50 to buy a western Suit for her first Corporate Job interview.

Having finally scraped together enough money to buy a suit, she felt uncomfortable in the new and unfamiliar clothes. The interview didn’t result in the job offer. She then turned to her professor for advice. The reply? Be yourself and stick to what makes you comfortable. She then wore a traditional sari for the next interview. She got the job.

It’s impossible to say for sure, but if the clothes probably didn’t make or break the interview, the attitude most likely did. Being comfortable with herself projected the confidence that Nooyi needed. She says she’s taken her professors advice ever since. “I am so comfortable in myself,” she says, “I don’t have to be an American to play in corporate life.”

Lessons from the story:

Be yourself and the world will adjust. Find your uniqueness and let the world know it.

There are two kinds of powers that emanate from the self. The first is the power of agency-the power that comes from having a famous name, lots of money, or an impressive title, what you adorn, clothes, jewellery, makeup etc. The power of agency can be formidable, but it eventually comes to an end.

True power comes from within. It is permanent and does not die with your body.

With agency; identity and power come from some external reference an object, a situation, a status symbol, a relationship, money.

With self-power: identity comes from listening to the true self, and power comes from the internal reference of spirit. When you work from this internal reference, your sense of self is clear and is not affected by external factors. This is the source of personal power.

When external factors fail to influence your sense of self, you become immune to criticism or praise. You also understand that we are all equal.

Try this exercise –

The fire in your soul will be reflected in your eyes.

Whenever you look into a mirror, even if it's just for a second or two, make eye contact with your image and silently repeat the three principles that are the foundation of self-referral.

  • First, say to yourself, "I'm independent of the good or bad opinions of others."

  • Second: "I'm beneath no one. We all are equal."

  • Third: "I'm fearless in the face of any challenges."

Look into your eyes in the mirror and see those attitudes reflected at you.

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