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Business Sustainability

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Every creation is born with its own conditions, its own formula for sustainability. In case any external or internal factors disturb the essential parameters of this formula, the sustainability of the creation suffers a jolt.

Way back in the history of the earth, life germinated first in water, and then it came out on the land. However, life on earth was almost totally wiped out five times due to environmental disasters. Never the less, every time, somehow life sustained, and finally, it found the formula for further cultivation. Progressive trends set in, in the form of evolution and life moved on.

While evolution is an internal factor, there are several external factors conducive to the sustenance and progress of life on earth. Oxygen and nitrogen in the air and dissolved oxygen in water are required for life’s metabolism to function. Earth’s magnetic field saves the earth and life on earth by becoming a shield against the solar winds. The thick cover of the atmosphere filters out X rays and cosmic rays which would have been harmful to life and the earth’s tilt of 23 degrees brings in the four seasons with definite periodicity. Any disturbance or change in these factors can harm the sustenance of life on earth. While the creation of life is shrouded in mystery, the sustenance factors are very clear for all to see.

Business is like life. It is created and put in place through the entrepreneur process but its sustenance depends upon several other internal and external factors, prominent among them are, the Managerial attitude, Employees’ engagement, Practice of safety procedures, and Caring for the environment. While it is largely believed that the internal governance may control the reins of the business chariot, it should be borne in mind that the business chariot is pulled by horses that have their own specific agenda which only an alert and resourceful management can understand.

Historical evidence indicates that since the dawn of human civilization, that is, in India at least even at the times of the Maurya empire the management Gurus of that era had spelled out the factors essential for business sustainability. The Guru Mantra specified by them is true even in the modern era and for the modern business. Safety, Environment, and Creativity have been identified as the key magic words essential for business sustainability. Business Managers need to learn them, understand them, and practice them sincerely. The Quality values of sound technical process, correct identification of raw material, and effective marketing strategies can function only on the sound foundation of Health Safety, and Environment.

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