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Confusion to Conclusion

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

I am always confused to understand the word ‘Confusion’ if it is a state of mind or a phenomenon that often grips our mind. Whatsoever it is, everyone will agree that confusion always delays our process of decision making. Often, it leads to no decision or wrong decision. It is said, apathy, aggression, regression, fixation etc. are the offshoots of confusion. Sometimes, conflicts too rise out because of prolonged confusion.

Causes of confusion may be due to gaps in communication, improper observation skills, lack of confidence and many other factors. Whatsoever it is, quick conversion of confusion to a stable conclusion is always desirable.

Confusion and dilemma are so natural and so much integrated with our life that often never realise that these are major hurdles for our progress. Confusion delays completion. Actually, “Confusion to Conclusion” is about decision making, preparing action plans and implantations of the plans; thereby moving towards completion.

According to me, the best way to overcome confusion and come to a conclusion is to channelise add fuel to your DESIRE. The right DESIRE helps you to make the right DECISION whenever you are in a state of confusion.

The DESIRE has a cousin called DREAM. DREAM gives you vision, your DESIRED DESTINATION. When you have a clear purpose or mission of your life, fixing the DESTINATION is not difficult.

Once, the DESTINATION is fixed, you need to fix your path to reach the DESIRED DESTINATION, which means you need to fix your DIRECTION.

The next is to initiate DEDICATED action. The path of your DESIRED DESTINATION will be full of DIFFICULTIES. At times, DISTRACTION will come on your way to DIVERT you. At times you may even have to take a short diversion. But your DEDICATED action along with your firm DETERMINATION will be able to overcome all these DIFFICULTIES and put them back into the right DIRECTION.

Career Confusion:

Although confusion arises in each & every phase and in all stages of our life yet I will confine myself only within the boundary of ‘Career Confusion’. Choosing the right career is always confusing. And a confused person always plays cat and mouse games with his/her career.

If you ask any particular child, “what do you want to be?”, you will get contradictory replies at his/her various ages, as his/her thinking varies widely with ages.

In our childhood, we live with fantasy. Many of us might have dreamt to become an engine driver of a locomotive or a shopkeeper or even a singing street beggar. People like Swami Vivekananda wanted to become a coachman of a horse cart.

However, the dream gets changed in course of years but confusion remains.

In childhood, Chandana, one of my acquaintances, was not so good at studies but had some knack for life science. She thought to end her education by becoming a nurse, as it would be somewhat appropriate for her. Later she thought of just trying her hand with microbiology but landed in doing some research work. Now, she is PhD and professor of microbiology at a university in the USA. Most surprisingly, her desire for learning has not yet died. At this age also, she is engaged with studies and pursuing a post-doctoral program. I always wonder what a big delta it is! When I enquired about what she was doing, she had the simplest reply, ‘My cup is still empty; only trying for a few drops more’.

The Remedy:

The best ever remedy is to clear off career confusion is to analyse one’s SWOC analysis and set a Vision and Mission accordingly without diluting one’s own values. Then act intelligently. if you act intelligently, you are intelligent. If you act unintelligently, you are unintelligent, irrespective of the grades you may have received or the degrees you have earned.

In blue-sky thinking, you imagine that all things are possible for you, just like looking up into a clear blue sky, with no limits. Success is goals, and all else is commentary. Your Past Is Not Your Future.

Soon you will see that all of your confusion has already evaporated.


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