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Learners & Winners presents itself as a business intelligence group that operates in the field of learning and development. We are one of the growing and trusted names in the field of learning and development. We conduct Executive Development Programs and provide faculties, trainers and/or facilitators for various Technical, Management and Behavioural Training Programs. We empower individuals and organizations with motivation for professional success. We also conduct In-House Training Programs that are tailored for various Corporate Houses in Soft Skills, Technical & Consulting on Contract Basis.

Learners & Winners prides itself on its Analytical Ability, competitive prices and its high standards of quality information in terms of subjects and experts.

Some of the areas we work for are as below, although we can explore other possible areas:

  • ​Energy - Oil, Gas & Power

  • Energy Saving & Conservation

  • Project & Construction

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Environment & Safety

  • Managerial Effectiveness

  • Leadership & Personality Development

  • Executive Development

  • Student Development Programs

Our Features –
  • Growing, but a trusted name;

  • Training through case studies and quizzes;

  • Programs designed as per niche requirement;

  • Qualified trainers with adequate industrial and training experience;

  • Conduct in-house and open training programs globally;

  • Help companies grow confidence in their capabilities;

  • Quality training at affordable prices.

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